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We strive to maximize customer value through cost effective, high quality custom tooling, stamping, roll form, and injection molded solutions.


Harloff Manufacturing Company has a rich history of delighting customers with manufactured goods and customized solutions. Harloff Manufacturing Company supplies World Class Quality, Price and Delivery to our customers.


For a combined 75 years, our resources have been delivering on our promise to provide the highest quality products for our customers.


Over the years we have manufactured a multitude of custom and proprietary products. Several of these products have delighted customers for many decades, including Trine baffle style grease filters, gravity flow roll track, and an array of industrial mounting hardware. We continue to add new products to our custom roll form, stamping, injection molding, and assembly offerings on an ongoing basis.


We apply sound design principles and testing methods to ensure superior functioning products. Our World Class Manufacturing techniques guarantee highest quality products at the most competitive cost. 

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